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Hugh Halflife lead singer
Sing the Merciless
Singer, Hugh Sprowson
Peter Halflife drummer
Sex Cymbal
Drums, Peter Comiskey
Alan Halflife Bass Guitar
Ace Of Bass
Bass, Alan Parkin
Russ Halflife Guitar
Sultan of string
Guitar, Russ Clutton
Paul Halflife Guitar
Tsar of guitar
Guitar, Paul Evans

Half Life is an indie rock covers band based in St Albans, and formed in 2018 largely to give us an excuse to spend more time in the pub in the name of art. Producing a heady cocktail of rock and indie covers so intoxicating it has been banned in 83 countries, we thrash our way through a musical smorgasbord from the Stones to Muse with some cheeky Oasis and Blur action in between.

So whether you’re a Basket Case, a Teenage Dirtbag or just want to Look Good on the Dance floor, Half Life will guarantee to get a room rocking!

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